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What is the most comfortable pillow design

How to

Pillows should be not only good in sleep quality but also good for cervical spine stretch, skin health, and clean breathing. This article Fabritones will teach you “what is the most comfortable pillow design” and how to choose your best suitable pillow.

How to choose the pillow insert

Pillows insert made of plant or animal materials are rich in plant protein, which is easy to nourish mites and bacteria to multiply and cause skin issues, so they need more sun and washing.

● Pillows made of hard materials are prone to pain and numbness of the skin, making it difficult to maintain long-term deep sleep.

● A pillow insert that is too soft can not cushion the head and cervical spine at an appropriate height, which is not good for the cervical spine.

● The pillow with high elasticity is unstable, the cervical spine muscles are not easy to relax, and it is easy to feel tired.

● Unshaped pillow, the shape of the pillow changes a lot in the middle of the night, and it is easy to stumble your neck.

● Pillows with poor breathability and water absorption are not good for skin health.

pillow design

After the above overall analysis and careful consideration, and among the various pillow materials on the market, memory pillows are the leading and more scientific ones, followed by latex pillows.

What is the most comfortable pillow design

But buying a memory pillow won’t solve all the problems. It must match your neck and shoulder shape, your soft or hard requirements, skin feeling to the touch, sleeping habits, etc. You also need to try the pillow overnight, change the specifications and shapes several times and find the most suitable and most comfortable one.

Your best pillow is from trying yourself

How high is the specific height? First of all, you can’t take it for granted, and secondly, you need to try it yourself:

In the past, pillows were like the most bulging bread shape in the middle, and the pillow core was filled with some scraps, so the height of the highest point was measured on the back of the head. But now, many pillows are made of curved ergonomics shape; the highest point is resting on the neck, the level of the two needs is different! It is also uncomfortable to get it wrong. For example, most people buy a curved pillow; if it exceeds 10cm, the highest point is under the neck, the user will get uncomfortable.

How to choose the right size

In view of the fact that modern people look down on mobile phones, use computers and tablets for work, lean on TV for leisure time, and move in cars, etc., all of which put greater pressure on the cervical spine and need to release the pressure on the cervical spine during night sleep. Therefore, most pillows now tend to the ergonomically curved shape cushions the physiological curvature of the cervical spine. This pillow focuses on cushioning the neck. Unlike previous traditional pillows, their height choosing is very particular. Even though there is only a 1cm discrepancy, the user will feel uncomfortable too.

choose pillow size

This kind of ergonomically curved pillow and the softness of the memory foam, the most suitable size is 10cm for most Europeans and Americans. Due to sleep habits, bed hardness, size, and age, the suitable size is different. Generally, four sizes of 6, 8, 10, and 12cm are required, and you can also prepare 1cm adjustment pads. Otherwise, the height may be inappropriate.

If you buy online, you must actually use the pillow for the night. As long as it feels uncomfortable, you must return it for more suitable size and shape. Only pillows that you feel comfortable with are best for you.

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