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What is the best meditation cushion?

The main reason for meditation cushion is to relax people’s hearts and souls. Therefore, comfortable, soft, and flexibility are important features of a good cushion, their main function is to prevent slippage and anti-injury. Many beginners do not know how to choose the suitable and best meditation mat. Here is the classification and selection of meditation cushion for your best use.

meditation cushion

Classification of meditation cushion

  1. Material: rubber, TPE, PVC, linen, EVA
  2. Function: anti-slip, protection
  3. Size: 610×1730 (national standard) 610×1830 (lengthened) 800×1830 (widened)
  4. Thickness: 2-10mm

The choice of material for a meditation cushion

1. Natural rubber

Advantages: it is natural and environmentally friendly; the natural texture and open-pore structure on the surface help absorb water, so it has a good anti-dry or wet effect.

Disadvantages: The smell is heavy when you first buy it; the open-pored structure easily absorbs stains and needs to clean it frequently.

2. TPE

Advantages: high elasticity; good slip resistance regardless of dry or wet; environmentally friendly that some products can be completely recycled.

Disadvantages: Compared with PVC, it has poor durability.

3. PVC

Advantages: good durability, low cost, the price is relatively low compared with other material, latex-free, suitable for people who are allergic to latex; It is easy to clean due to poor absorption.

Disadvantages: it has good slip resistance in dry conditions, but for those who sweat a lot, it is not a good choice; And plastic products cannot be degraded naturally.

4. Cotton and linen

Advantages: skin-friendly, gentle, and non-irritating, it is the first choice for those who love traditional weaving crafts; easy to clean. It is very perfect for meditation. Highly recommend your meditation cushion.

Disadvantages: it is hard to grip, only allow for limited movement


Advantages: cheap
Insufficiency: poor elasticity, poor anti-skid effect, mostly used in the manufacture of shoe soles, with a heavier odor

The choice of size

Beginners (6mm-8mm): The most suitable thickness for beginners. The 10mm is a range of a fitness mat. Meditation is a balance-oriented exercise. A mat that is too thick is not easy to perceive the ground or maintain balance.

Advanced (3mm-5mm): The general rubber pads are of this thickness, which can be used by advanced meditators. The protection is reduced and the perception of the ground is deepened.

Senior (1.5mm-3mm): it is a foldable mat/cushion, which is easy to carry. Simply put, you can bring it to either class or travel. Non-slip and healthful. But the thickness is really thin if you do not get used to it.

Summary: The material is the No.1 consideration for beginners. It is recommended to use a medium thickness of 6-8mm for TPE and PVC, and about 4mm for natural rubber.

Tip: If beginners have difficulty in choosing the best meditation cushion, choose 6mm+TPE.

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